Saturday, 12 April 2014

I'm Loving Swankaroo!

Here at the Ekardt Casa we are huge backpack fans. If we had the space we would probably own a different backpack for every outfit. Edith has even taken a liking to backpacks too. So when I came across Swankaroo, it was a match made in heaven. All the way from California, own and designer Kendra Oakden realised her diaper bag was becoming a bit cumbersome with all necessities for a day out, but then realised her little one could wear a backpack with all her things. She thought finding a cute backpack for her daughter would be simple, but unfortunately not. So she decided to make a simple but eye catching bag for her daughter and from that point on Swankaroo was born! It's amazing how great brands come about, it just proves that not everything exists yet. Well, I'm sure happy for Swankaroos! Check out their amazing bags here:

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