Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Pillow Love!

Wednesday are usually my Mama Wardrobe days, but I've switched it up a bit and will have Mama Wardrobe tomorrow. Today is all about pillows. I am a sucker for pillows, just ask my husband. Men don't see eye to eye with woman when it comes to pillow. The same question gets asked over and over again, 'Why do we need all these pillows on the bed?' Our answer, 'because they look nice!' I think my little one feels the way my husband does as she throws all of the pillows out of her bed. But this still doesn't stop me buying cute pillows. Here are some of my favourites right now! 

1. Numero 74 Tiger Cushion, €30.00
2. Fine Little Day Raindrop Cushion, £30.00
3. Woody and Florence Arrow Pillow, £6.50
4. Woody and Florence Cloud Pillow, £7.50
5. Woody and Florence House Pillow, £12.50
6. Gingiber Poodle Pillow, £16.00
7. Milipa Royal Pony Pillow, $26.09
8. Juniper Wilde Tree and Mountain Pillow, £25 each
9. Depeapa Man Cushion, £25.47
10. Mabel and Bird House Cushion, £20.00
11. Mabel and Bird Cloud Cushion, £25.00
12. La cerise sur la gateau Normal is Boring Pillow, £39.00

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