Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Tunage Tuesday: Save it for a Rainy Day Mix

I thought it was time for a new mixtape. Since we've had such terrific weather this last month I thought it fitting to make a rainy day mix. There's nothing better than working while listening to a really great mix. Enjoy some awesome tunage!

1. Fly by Blackbird Blackbird featuring Steffaloo
2. Darkness Turns to Light by White Poppy
3. Denial by I Break Horses
4. 'Bout You by Rainy Milo
5. Lay Your Blade Down by Joy Wellboy
6. Stand Still by Flight Facilities (Mario Basanova Remix)
7. It's Only by Herbert (Dj Koze Remix)
8. Gooa Tungi by Samaris
9. Speed of Dark by Emiliana Torrini
10. Mistakes by Hologram
11. Things I'll Later Lose by Lily & Madeleine

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