Sunday, 9 February 2014

Some New Pics of Edith!

We're away in Norfolk this weekend with some of our lovely friends! It's nice to escape the city when we can and I still yet to see many parts of the UK. I thought today being Sunday, it would be nice to share some recent photos of Edith. She's been such a trooper lately as she let me photograph her while suffering from an eye infection. It's in her blood, it doesn't matter how rubbish you feel, when a cameras around, you still smile! Growing up my dad had a camera out at all times and I'm so glad he did because he  captured some precious moments, as I hope to as well. I'm assuming Edith will inherit the Stevens smile, meaning smile so big it looks like your neck might fall off, all the ladies in my family have the Stevens Smile. Well, here's to a lovely Sunday and a beautiful week.

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