Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Tunage Tuesday with Ronald Kaufman aka KAUF

Now I can't take any credit for this post, I just wanted to pass on this incredible mixtape from Ronald Kaufman aka KAUF for Freunde von Freunden. It's super chill and it will keep your attention the entire time. Yes, I know it's Christmas so your probably singing Christmas carols, but once you've decided it's time to take a break from your beloved family, I encourage you to stick on your headphones and zone out to this spectacular mix. I promise you, you will thank me later!  Have a listen!

1. Arca – Manners
2. Kauf – The Closest
3. James Holden – Renata (Steeve Moore Remix)
4. AFFKT – Once Upon A Time (John Talabot Summer Mix)
5. Luke Abbott – Modern Driveway
6. Four Tet – Angel Echoes ( Caribou Remix)
7. Candyblasta – Hippocratic Oath (Gonno Remix)
8. Larry Gus – The Night Patrols (A Man Asleep)
9. Recondite – Felicity
10. Ame – Junggesellenmaschine
11. Actress – Ascending
12. Herbert – It’s Only (DJ Koze remix)

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