Thursday, 12 December 2013

My Thursday Favourites

It's Thursday, almost the weekend! I'm sitting here listening to Milosh with the sun shining in the background thinking its a pretty good day. I even got my hair cut to day! I figured it was a good day to put a favourites board together. Since I  browse the internet practically all day, I find some really beautiful and interesting things and I wanted to share them with you. Enjoy!

1. Animal Printouts by Lova Blavarg at Sweet Paul Magazine
2. Rosegold Pyramid by Bad Habits
3. Lettered Pendants by Wsake
4. Beautiful Room Inspiration by Design Hunter
6. Studio ArhoJ Art Prints in a Box
7. Bambu Fork and Spoon Set
8. Mingus Magic Rainbow Shoe by Nathalie Verlinden
9. Espresso Cups by Elisabeth Edwards Ceramics
10. Jumper No. 15 Ash by Babaa
11. Suede Dress by Two Els

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