Friday, 18 October 2013

Jammie Friday

I talk a lot about looking good during the day, but what about for bedtime. Yes, ok, no one sees your little one apart from you and the rest of the fam, but looking good for bedtime is important! Kids love a cool pair of pjs and most of the time they won't want to take them off during the day. I have been on a major hunt for great looking jammies but most importantly, jammies that are soft, comfy and good quality. So while on my jammie hunt, I complied a list of my top choices! Sweet dreaming!

1. Indikidual 2. OM Home, 3. Goat Milk, 4. Tiny Cottons, 5. Le Marchand d'Etoiles
6. Milible Top and Nosweet Bottoms 7. Slym Jims 8. Talc 9. popupshop

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