Sunday, 13 October 2013

I'm in Love with PRSPR!!!!!

I'm so happy to give a shout out to my lovely fellow Midwesterns in Chicago, Illinois!!! Ok so I'm not from Chicago, but I am from the Midwest and you Midwesterns stick together! And Chicago is one of my favourite places! 

Here in London it's a rainy day so I thought I would brighten up your day with a lovely lovely brand yes from Chicago, PRSPR!!!! (pronounced, prosper- To be successful or fortunate. What a great name for a kids clothing line! PRSPR specialises in cool, quality, attainable and fun clothing for kids 3-8 years. Their mission is to build something that resonates with the today parent and kids. People with a champagne or expensive juice tastes on a milk budget!!!! Yep, I'm that parent!!!!

PRSPR's collection is so wearable and super eye catching. It just looks so cool! I'm personally in love with the Puffy Blue Jacket with leopard print lining, the Striped Dress and the Striped Pocket Tee. Just stunning! And the Dino Leggings, hello, so cool!!!! So take my advice and check them out, you won't walk away empty handed!!!!

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