Saturday, 14 September 2013


I'm excited about the debut of Spanish brand, Motoreta! Motoreta is the creation of Cristina Lopez-Logo and Maria Llerena. Both professional architects wanting a new challenge, they found themselves venturing into the world of children's fashion. With their first collection debuting in SS 14, "At Home" embodies geometric pattern and stylish colour combinations. Their main goal is to design clothing and accessories for kids with comfort, contemporary cutting, high quality materials and 100% locally made. 

The Motoreta’s concept is the result of a free creative process, inspired by cinema, literature, the world of tales and art, without neglecting its commitment to production processes registered in the stream called “Slow Fashion Movement”. A small-scale brand that, against the low-quality of mass production processes, bets for clothes locally and sustainably produced, choosing quality raw materials and enhancing the small local market but with a global distribution . An example of how a local manufacturing can go together with international design and quality.
Check out Motoreta here:

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