Monday, 9 September 2013

Inspirational Monday: Greyscale!

Being that it was a bit on the chilly side today and at times rainy, I had grey on the mind. Actually, in all honesty, I have grey on the mind 24/7. It's my favourite colour. I just can't get past it. It dominants my closest and is even on our walls in our flat. So why not put a moodboard together featuring black, white and GREY? My favourite! 

1. Fine Little Day Pillow, 2. Bobo Choses Hat, 3. Mar Mar Copenhagen Tutu 
4. Indie Nook Cat Leggings, 5. My Name is Simone Couture Soft Toy, 6. Emilie et Ida Skirt, 7. Nico Nico Henley, 8. Mini Rodini Hat, 9. Soft Gallery Onsie, 
10. Kids on the Moon Dress, 11. Juniper Wilde Mountain Pillow, 12. Picnik Dress,
 13. Bobo Choses Suspenders, 14. Indikidual Domino Leggings, 15. Little Nest Box Mobile, 16. Loud Apparel Dress and Tights

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