Wednesday, 29 May 2013

DIY Superhero Kit

I came across an awesome post about a DIY Fort Kit several months back and stored it away for a rainy day. We had a two year old's birthday coming up and I thought to myself this is the perfect chance to try out a Superhero Kit. I thought the fort kit might be a bit too old for the two year old, but I used it as inspiration and made Myles his very own Superhero Kit.

The kit included:(everything in the kit I made)
Kit Bag
Personalised Kit Card
Personalised Superhero T-shirt

I took some fabric I had lying around the house to make the kit bag and the superohero cap. 
I had to purchase:
thin rubber foam board
fabric glue
glow in the dark paint
ribbon for the tie on the cap
iron-on appliqués 
glitter paper for the eye mask

Here are photos of the final Superhero Kit!
If you would like a personalised Superhero Kit for your little one, contact me! £30 get you an amazing gift! 

Tools for the Kit
Cape Tools
Sewing on the Lightning Bolt

Final Cape
Cape hanging on chair

Eye Mask
Superhero Tee using iron-on appliqué

Superhero Bag
Final Superhero Kit!

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