Thursday, 4 April 2013

Pillows that Make You Smile

I am a huge sucker for pillows, just ask my husband. He doesn't get the concept of 'decorative pillows'. I get the same question asked over and over again, "Why do we have these pillows? " I tell him, because they look cool. He's stop asking recently. He knows the answer and I think he's finally realised he's not going to win the pillow battle.
So if you're like me and love pillows that add a bit of something to the room or like pillows that make you smile, you have got to check out Ohh Deer's Pillows! They are the coolest accessory around! My favourite is the Grumpry Cat by Jamie Mitchell or the 
Funky Bunch by Jack Teagel! But in all honesty they're all great! Check out Ooh Deer's great selection here:

Funky Bunch by Jack Teagel

Pony Parade by Sarah Andreacchio

Magical Wood by Sandra Dieckmann

Grumpy Cat Cushion by Jamie Mitchell
The Spherical Bear by Marc Johns

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