Thursday, 11 April 2013

LatteMama Charity Event

Yesterday was the perfect day to travel from Crouch End all the way down to 
Battersea Arts Centre for LatteMama's Charity Event for Ickle Pickles. The sun was shining, the weather was nice and I was looking forward to seeing a kids fashion show! I had never been to the Battersea Arts Centre, so this was a great way to see it as well. The Arts Centre is really cool! I definitely will be visiting again.

The LatteMama Charity event was lovely. All proceeds went to the Ickle Pickles Partnership, an organisation dedicates itself to research and funding for premature babies or extremely ill babies. I was so happy to participate in this event as my little Edith was premature. 

My little Edith had a lovely time at the event as she had the opportunity to crawl around like a mad man, play with balloons and chase bubbles. I could tell the other little ones had a grand ole time too.

LatteMama- Don't Let Mummy Cramp Your Style specialises in cool clothes for those cool kids. Carrying brands such as: Mini Rodini, Indikidual, Slugs and Snail, and No Added Sugar, just to name a few. Isra, owner of LatteMama, put on the cutest fashion show, showcasing some of the hottest outfits for your cool little crew. 

Check out her great selection:

Edith in her new No Added Sugar Dress bought from Latte Mama!

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