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Chit Chat Friday with Talking Threads


      I've been looking forward to posting Nicci's interview for sometime now. I've never met  Nicole in person but just by sending emails back and forth to each other I think she is someone I would really get on with. I admire her work approach (see question 8) and I believe because she has worked so hard on the new collection, it will be a hit! Talking Threads specialises in kids wear 0-11 years. With imaginative and eye catching prints, their clothing is playful, practical, comfortable, creative, and features illustrations without limitations. I'm so excited about her new collection and her new prints she's been working on! They are just so cool!!! 
    I had a lovely Chit Chat with Nicci, read on to find out more about her and her amazing collection!!! So go and get your little one an amazing piece from Talking Threads, they will be in love!!!!


Talking Threads is available to buy through our stockist LoubiLou

     Tell me about yourself. What is your background and how did you get involved with designing kidswear?

Hi I’m Nicci! I am based in Edinburgh and I look after all things Talking Threads. I am a juggler - of my 3 lovely Children, my ever supportive better half & our cheeky little cat. I design, I sew and I illustrate my own prints & produce them to fabric. I started up my own kids wear brand in January this year. Through running my own Women’s wear label for 4 years, I was always drawn to the fun, colour & creativity that Children’s design has to offer and have always felt a pull in this direction. Given, I have 3 Children of my own I started experimenting and before I knew it I was sending my samples to our U.K manufacturer to be sampled up. We now have our very first collection of clothing & shoes & are currently designing our own range of accessories & several Trans-seasonal pieces for this season.
    Tell us about Talking Threads, what are your inspirations when you are designing?

     Our brand is designed to be practical, comfortable yet at the same time very stylish with a twist on the basics. Our T-shirt prints are illustrated in house by myself taking my inspiration from everything I see around me whether it be old photographs, kids drawings to fabrics & peculiar finds within Edinburgh’s curios shops. There is no set place to get inspiration, sometimes it comes when you least expect it and usually when I am not holding a pad & pencil

     Do you listen to music while you design? What are you listening to right now   and does this influence your collection?

        I listen to music all the time, my favourite at the moment is Kate Bush & Eurythmics. I wouldn’t say it influences my design ideas but it does make me very happy person when I work

     Describe your style; does this influence your collection?

       My style over recent years has been influenced by my Children. I did have a style, I loved everything with an unusual print/bold with a slightly (well over used word alert) VINTAGE feel but I think it has been lost well & truly. It makes me laugh as I remember the pre mummy days where I wouldn’t step out the house without making sure everything was in place, keeping up to date with the latest trends and my wardrobe would be full of my favourite things to wear. Now, my jewellery box has gathered dust, my heels only come out on special occasions and I tend to stick to my safe colour Black with a little hint of colour. I tend to wear a lot of dresses that I make myself/leggings and flat ankle boots. Something comfortable yet practical, keeping it simple when you are a mummy I find is the best way forward. I hope my style comes back one day…..I sure do miss it!

     Who are your favourite designers? Womenswear and kidswear?
        OOooh good question, I have many! My favourite Women’s wear designer is quite possibly someone who isn’t in the lime light but a designer from Portland called Emily Ryan. Her work is very inspirational and I love the way she manipulates fabric to achieve her signature look, I have followed her progress for many years and every collection is even better than the last. She excels herself every time! Children’s wear designers I like are generally any brand that do their own prints/illustrations. Mini Rodini is very cute and I love the image of Mini and Maximus. These guys rock!
   If you could collaborate with anyone in the world, who would this be? Why?

        Well this one is a no brainer for me. Maybe a bit ambitious but it’s true I would love to work with converse! I envisage my prints/artwork on their kicks would be ever so sweet! But in a slightly more realistic world I would like to work with the women’s wear brand Dahlia, I love their brand style. The dresses are all absolutely stunning and using Talking Threads fabrics – to me, would be super exciting and dreamy.

     Do you have a favourite café, shop, book store, etc. you gain inspiration from or a place you can go and just relax and ponder?

A little place called Empires just off the royal mile in Edinburgh. I accidentally found this place one day when I got a little lost in the old town. I love Turkish food and this place I found perfect! The café has a cosy welcoming feel, it is very small yet that’s what makes it moreish. There is a mezzanine level that is completely covered in rugs with low kneeling height tables and an array of Turkish cushions everywhere. A very traditional setting that gives me an uplifting sense of wellbeing. It’s like stepping out of Edinburgh and stepping in to Turkey…..unfortunately without the weather. This place is my favourite place to sit and get some ME time. Read a book or relax with friends & family.

     Any advice you have for us, something you have learned lately?

I try and live my career life through both the Ketchup advert and the American Werewolf in London film, sounds silly but it rings true. Good things come to those who wait. I couldn’t agree more and I hope one day all my hard work and efforts will have paid off. I also think that sticking to your path, your plan of action and goals will come along quicker than if you were to stray from your path.

     What’s next for Talking Threads? Any exciting news or collaborations happening  soon?

Really exciting news, apart from working on our new kids wear accessories and trans-seasonal pieces we plan to re-launch our Women’s wear clothing (Tea at Aunties). We are looking to hopefully launch in the autumn for SS14 using our own prints and fabrics. We are extremely excited about this but for now our main focus is our Kids wear launch and finding compatible kids wear stockists.

     If you could travel anywhere right now where would that be? Why?

Morocco is a place where I have always wanted to visit. A friend of mine visited a few years ago and brought me back an amazing selection of fabrics & bags. I loved it all. I was inspired by the prints/colours and textures. It looks like a very colourful place. If I could go tomorrow I would……hopefully one day….soon!

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  1. I love Tlaking Threads Designs, and Niocla sounds just as interesting and quirky as her work.x so inspired...great interview, really enjoyed reading it.


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