Saturday, 23 March 2013

Clouds, Clouds

Since Spring has taken a turn for the worst, I thought creating a cloud board would be quite appropriate. If we are going to have to bare the freezing cold we might as well enjoy it will the cutest clouds around. I just love clouds! I incorporated a few clouds in Edith's room. Pictures of her room will be online soon. I just bought the black/white cloud blanket from The Modern Baby and I made her a cloud mobile for above her bed, just too cute! Enjoy some smiling clouds! I promise they'll cheer you up!

1. Farg & Form Cloud Blanket
2. Pink NouNou Cloud Picture
3. Ferm Living Cloud Pillow 
4. Bang Bang Copenhagen Electric Sweatshirt 
5. Tiny Cloud Necklace by Siukwon
6. Imagine Vintage Denim Pillow by Southernskyart
7. Glam Rock iphone Case by Gemma Correll 
8. Ferm Living Cloud Lamp
9. Cloud Noodoll  
10. Pilepoil Cloud Rug
11. Jack Teagle Funky Bunch Sweatshirt 
12. Love Mae Cloud Wallstickers
13. Piggy Hates Panda Cloud Pillow

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