Monday, 14 January 2013

Inspirational Monday: Black, White Grey and Red All Over

Mondays aren't particularly great days for most. It means the start to the routine, to the hustle and bustle, to getting the kids ready for school, which can be a task in it's self. But Mondays don't have to be the dreaded day of the week! So I've decided to start Inspirational Mondays. Each week I will post a new inspiration board. It's just a little something to start the week off right! This week it's all about greys, blacks, whites, yellows, and reds. I first saw Topshop's edited email and fell in love with the edited picks and it started from there. 

Mom- Hat, Snood, Jumper, and Skirt all from Topshop, Ash Red Wedge Trainers
Dad- Outfit from Panolo Pecora FW 12/13 Collection
Boy- Outfit from Agence 55
Girl- Crown from Oeuf, Dress from Theif and Bandit Mountain
Cool Things- Star Onsie from Soft Baby, Record Player from Crosley, Pietro Gala Pasta, Face Candle, The Heart and the Bottle Book by Oliver Jeffers, Triangle Tea Towel by bookhouathome, Yellow Eames Chair from ComMod Classics, Eiffel Tower Pillow from Oeuf

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