Friday, 11 January 2013

BiBib Hugs

My mom asked me if Edith (my little one) had claimed a soft toy as her own yet, the soft toy that roams the world with them and takes part in their imaginary world. At that time she hadn't, she was still quite wee. I bought her the cutest tiny Jelly Cat Donkey in hopes that she would fall in love with him. He came to the hospital with us, laid with rer in the hospital bed, rode along side her in her car seat, but she didn't seem to interested at the time. My mother said she would find something she loved soon enough. And she did. On holiday to the States visiting my sister and niece, Edith claimed Louie the Monkey as her favourite soft toy. My niece Brynn was so kind to let Edith play with Louie while we were visiting but sure enough Louie came back to England with us and now goes everywhere with Miss Edith.

This is how Bibib came about. A Bibib Hug(soft toy) was given to their first son and it stayed with him and went everywhere. Bibib started back in 1995 as a supplier of cute plush soft toys. Now they have several different collections for your little one to enjoy.

My favourite is the Trophy Collection. Soft toys that look like stuffed game that hang on the wall. It may not be for everyone but I just love them. They look great hung on a wall in a kids room for decoration. Or to join the little ones in their imaginary world!

Check out their collections here:

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