Tuesday, 18 December 2012

106 Kids- The Red Collection

Chi Feasey is beginner and inspiration to all of us. Pursuing the one thing you are passionate about is rewarding but also for some of us very scary. Asking all those questions, can I make it work, am I good enough, will people like it etc. Chi wasn't afraid to admit that she was a beginner at her new endeavour and went for it. She created a childrenswear line called 106- The Red Collection.

Shortly after this Chi's blog began, she signed up for a social experiment called Six Items Or Less. It lasted 30 days and was meant to help her analyse her shopping habits and to cure her of the mindless acquisition of more and more clothes. As it turned out, it informed not only her habits as a consumer but also the childrenswear she wanted to create.

Chi decided that each collection should consist of six well-crafted and versatile pieces. These six pieces work together to create a strong collection but each individual piece can stand strong on it's own as well. Each collection will be characterised by a mood or colour and the number 6 in 106 will, therefore, change periodically to reflect that.

Chi wanted a meaningful name for her collection and she finally decided on 106, the address her parents lived at when she was born. Her earliest memories were at this address, so a meaningful name it is. 

Chi had the very talented Andrea from Flannery O'Kakfa create her lookbook. Check out a sneak peak at her new collection. Soon to be out for you to buy for your stylish little ones.



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