Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Ash Kids

I am a huge fan of Ash and a huge fan of Ash Kids!!!! They are incredible shoes. They are perfect for your little ones because they have great support and the quality of the shoes are just outstanding!!!! And they can be worn with anything. They are a bit on the pricey side but when it comes to your little ones feet, I think it's worth it. Because they will probably be the only shoes they wear the whole season long or two if you're lucky.

Ash was founded in 2000 from the passion and the knowledge of two great creative minds: Leonello Calvani and Patrick Ithier. Independent and rebellious, the Ash collection takes an exotic trip in search of new horizons. The look is a mix of both glamourous and metropolitan with dashes of intense colour and the warmth of the desert, giving life to a collection that is a whole new world to discover.
Their shoes reflect a background in French luxury design, merged with Italian leathers and craftsmanship. The philosophy of Ash was created on two main ideas: Awareness of distribution and price competition, while creating cool unique products for fashion forward consumers. Ash shoes target a fashion conscious generation of men and women who travel to the style capitals of the world, always setting trends, never following them.
Also can be bought at: www.idreamelephants.com

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